This week – 23.1.17


This week, we have started to look at an island and its features in Geography. Today, through Drama we explored features of an island and collected together lots of adjectives and expanded noun phrases to describe what we could see, taste, smell, touch and hear!

In Maths, we are counting, reading and writing numbers to 40 and it would be great if you could practise this at home! Ask your child to tell you how many tens and ones there are in the numbers too!

Many thanks,

The Year One Team




Learning this week!


Again, we have set the children Maths homework this week! Please ensure homework books are in on Wednesday.

Last week in Maths, we moved onto looking at the days of the week and the months in the year! Please talk to your child about general activities they do in a day or events which take place during the year.

We hope the children told you lots about a storm, so we are ready to write an amazing description of a storm in Literacy this week.

The children are all settled back into school and are working extremely hard! You should be proud of them.

Many thanks,

The Year One Team


Welcome back!


Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and we would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

It has been great to have the children back into school and we are ready for our exciting Spring term.

This term we have a whole school topic based around a Shakespeare play called ‘The Tempest’. Last week, we began to investigate objects that we found in a treasure chest, which contained many artefacts from a ship. We thought about where they might have come from and why they are important. We will continue to explore ‘The Tempest’ by looking at sounds and objects from a storm to help us write a setting description of a sea storm.

For the next two weeks in Maths, we will be looking closely at a clock. We are looking at the hands on a clock, reading the time and drawing times accurately on the clock face. Please encourage children to look at clocks at home and on any outside adventures! It would be great if you could talk about daily activities that you do at different times in the day, and show them on the clock.

Homework books need to be in on Wednesday (11th January) and we are excited to read book reviews and see the children’s favourite place to read!

Please also ensure PE kits are in school and named where possible.

If you have any concerns or questions, please speak to a member of staff in the year one team.


Many thanks,

The Year One Team

Christmas Performance Costumes



Please make sure your child has their costume in school by Wednesday the 7th of December.


If you have any problems regarding your child’s costume, please see a member of staff and we will be happy to organise something in school.


Thank you very much for your continued support.


The Year One Team

Song Lyrics for Our Christmas Play



In the next few posts, we will be uploading the song lyrics for our Christmas play.


Both Year One classes need to learn ‘Merry Christmas everyone’ and ‘Spread the Word’.


Additionally, Cherry Class need to learn ‘Shepherd’s Hey’ and Chestnut Class need to learn ‘We Must Travel Home’.


Please click on the links below to listen to the music. – We Must Travel Home – Spread the Word – Shepherd’s Hey – Merry Christmas Everyone


We would be grateful if you could help your child learn the lyrics for the correct songs.


Many thanks,


The Year One Team


Christmas Play



We have started to practise for our Christmas performance, which will take place on Monday the 12th and Tuesday the 13th of December.


We will staple costume slips and your child’s part into their homework book, which will be sent out on Thursday or Friday.


Dates of the Christmas performance:

Monday 12th December – Dress rehearsal at 1.30pm

Tuesday 13th December – Afternoon performance at 1.30pm

Tuesday 13th December – Evening performance at 6.00pm


Please speak to a member of staff if you need help with the costume!


Many thanks,


The Year One Team


Phonics Homework

Homework – 17.11.16


For homework this week, we would like the children to practise reading and writing words using the sounds which we have covered so far.


ai, ay, a-e, a, ea sound (words such as: train, day, late, apron and steak)


e, ee, ea, y sound (words such as: he, been, meal and funny)


y, i-e, igh sound (words such as: my, line and high)


oa, o, ow sound (words such: goat, so and crow)


oo, ew, ue, u-e sound (words such: shoot, grew, glue and rude)


Please get in touch with the Year One team if you are unsure of anything.


Thank you,


The Year One Team